NOC, NAVA ORB Company is formed to aid companies looking to increase their sales by exporting, and to also assist international buyers in looking to purchase superior products. The goal is to promote the sale of high-quality goods for reasonable prices.

The fast growth of food sector, industry and technological developments made the firm expand to new markets and producers using the latest technology and certificated according to international standards.The company NOVA ORB focused on food and industrial sector, soon, the company managed to develop various sectors and products to respond customer needs in a very short time and inserted itself into the market. We are working with various local and global producers.

As a result of our commitment to service, a wide range of food producers running by locals and foreigners to countervail various demands of our customers in the market. Today, NOVA ORB has established it’s place among arising companies in the world. We built this worldwide reputation by giving service with improved, high quality affordable products combined with efficient and fast service together with precise workout timing. NOVA ORB aims continuous improvement and innovative approach in international trade market.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Welcome to all manufacturers and distributors, and thank you for visiting our website. NOVA ORB is an International export/import and a consultancy company.

We build long-term relationships with our manufacturers and distributors of high quality products and materials that want to export indirectly through us into the global marketplace.

We will also make all the export shipping arrangements. Our team have worked more than 20 years with freight forwarders, steamship companies and airlines.

Let us know more about you, and what superior products you make by filling out the form below. We will work on export strategies to find overseas buyers, distributors. We can take care of all inquiries coming for you, including the shipping handling, documentation.

Many Turkish companies may not be certified and having international quality that could compete with other markets, please contact with us. NOVA ORB offer you as a solution by providing best quality with low cost moreover, to expand sales into foreign markets. You need NOVA ORB to serve you with all the requirements, rules, and regulations to promote your products.

Many foreign companies want to buy domestic, Turkish origin products. We can buy from Turkish manufacturers, inspect by an international 3rd party inspection, and ship to you. Even with the internet, and all its resources, it can also be very difficult for you to find the best Turkish origin product for the best price. We will do all the searching and negotiating for you. Foreign buyers often may want to purchase goods from more than one Turkish company and consolidate everything into one or more containers for export. In that case NOVA ORB have the solution. We are useful to facilitate an export transaction between Turkish companies and international buyers.

Foreign Buyers, Distributors and Agents

Welcome to all manufacturers, distributors, agents, buyers and thank you for visiting our website. We are looking to build a long-term relationship with you.We source superior quality products and materials from Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Ecuador, US, Turkey, South Africa,Netherlands, Nigeria, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan and many more manufacturers world wide. We will also make the goods ready for shipping to you or make the shipping arrangements for you. Our Multi-National Team specially trained and have worked more than 20 years with freight forwarders, steamship companies, and airlines.